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Republican electorate Donald Trump’s criminals were punished for Tuesday’s pre-election Big World 

Republican electorate Donald Trump’s criminals were punished for Tuesday’s pre-election

In presidential elections held on Tuesday in five federal states, Republican voters in most places did not elect Republican candidates who criticized President Donald Trump.

Presidencies in Maine State, North Dakota, Nevada, Virginia and South Carolina held pre-elections on Tuesday, both sides nominating candidates for November mid-term elections. The Republicans, in spite of ignoring the candidates proposed by party leaders, have supported politicians who are known as Donald Trump’s devotees. In Virginia, for example, Corey Stewart was nominated for a senator candidate who campaigned for the confessionary banner of the US Civil War and the politicians of the former confederation.
It was a huge surprise that South Karolina had failed the former Republican governor of the country, Mark Sanford, to fight for the Republican nomination. Donald Trump has criticized Sanford on Twitter and Twitter and his party rival, Katie Arrington, for his support. For the sake of his defeat, Sanford himself mentioned that he had criticized the president several times before.
According to analysts, the pre-election results, as in the previous ones, indicate that Donald Trump, if not everywhere, is growing in support of the growing proportion of the Republican camp. This was demonstrated by pre-elections held last week in Alabama. The analyst of the Politico newspaper pointed out that the former Republican Party’s party in the nineties had disappeared, and the newcomers seemed to be less compromising politicians. The US Department of Public Radio (NPR) rapid analysis analyzed a previously published assessment that the Republican Party increasingly became Party of Donald Trump.
The Democratic Party’s pre-election also continued on Tuesday on the previous voices that a huge number of female candidates have started and won. In Virginia, all the congressional candidates in the autumn mid-term elections are growing.

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