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Rex Tillerson: Washington is committed to safeguarding Europe’s security       European Union United States Of America 

Rex Tillerson: Washington is committed to safeguarding Europe’s security    

The United States is committed to safeguarding Europe’s security, said US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson at the Wilson Center’s Washington-based Liberal Research Institute.

As he said, the current US government is “fully” committed to Europe’s security, particularly as regards possible threats from Russia. He said that under Article 5 of NATO, which is about mutual protection, it would be the first to respond if an ally was attacked. “Our security relations with Europe are rock solid,” he stressed. “Federal systems have no meaning if their members are unable or unwilling to meet their obligations,” Rex Tillerson said. NATO has called it “the best system for aggressive aggression,” because of the mutual commitment of the members. At the same time, the head of US diplomacy recalled that “the nations of Europe must take greater responsibility” to safeguard their own security. He reiterated President Donald Trump’s argument that the United States can not afford to fully assume the cost of protecting Europe.
Rex Tillerson stressed that the Transatlantic Alliance also serves as a “message to the Russian government,” he said. “We do not tolerate an outrageous violation of international standards.” The minister has expressed the view that Russia is “still aggressive in its attitude” to its neighbors. He said: The United States and Europe agree that relations with Russia can not be improved until Moscow changes “this aggressive behavior”. Tillerson mentioned in this connection the American and European sanctions against Moscow against Ukraine.
The Foreign Minister also addressed the Brexit negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom. He called for “quick” and “unnecessary bitterness” negotiations, and he considered it important to note that while the United States has retained its longstanding past relationships with the United Kingdom, it still wants to maintain strong relations with the European Union regardless of Brexitt.

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