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Letters of Ricin came to the Pentagon United States Of America 

Letters of Ricin came to the Pentagon

Two letters of Ricin came to the US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, one for Defense Minister James Mattis, and one for Admiral John Richardson, the head of the Naval Operations.

The letters with extremely strong poison came to the defense ministry on Monday, but reported only on Tuesday. Christopher Sherwood, a spokesman for the Pentagon, told journalists that since Monday, all the letters to the wallet have been separated, they are reviewed one by one. He added that the letters arrived at the ministry, but the postman is not in the main building where the minister’s office is. Mattis is otherwise in Europe.
Colonel Robert Manning, another spokesman for the ministry, announced in a statement that the ricin envelopes were transported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for analysis. The FBI has also issued an announcement, but it has just been said to investigate envelopes containing poison.
Ricin is a very powerful poison, a traditional active substance in biological weapons. It enters into the body causing suffocation, vomiting and internal bleeding, and ultimately leads to death.
Fox television also reported that Ted Cruz Senator Texas Houston’s office also received suspicious white powder mails, two people were taken to hospital. For the time being, the authorities have not provided information on the nature of the white powder.

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