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The authorities are advised to wash their clothes for those who have been in the restaurant with the poison      United Kingdom 

The authorities are advised to wash their clothes for those who have been in the restaurant with the poison   

The English Public Health Service recommended Sunday for washing their clothes and cleaning their personal belongings to all those who had been in one of the restaurants and pubs of Salisbury, southwestern England, at the time when two of the victims of the homicide had been detained.

The 66-year-old former Russian agent of the British Foreign Intelligence (MI6), former colonel of Russian military intelligence and his 33-year-old daughter, Julia Szkripalt, was found unconsciously in Salisbury’s shopping mall last Wednesday and has been in a state of emergency at a local hospital since then.
According to the British authorities, “rare nerve wounds” have been attacked by unknown offenders. The poison has already been identified by experts, but the British government and the police have announced that they are not yet disclosing the exact nature of toxins.
Shortly before his death, Scripal and his daughter came to the restaurant called Zizzi, then to The Mill, and the investigation showed both the trace of the neurotic agent in both places.
The “Public Precautionary Council” of Sunday’s Public Health England (PHE) suggested that those who turned to the restaurant and the pub last Sunday afternoon – when they were scared or abandoned – washed in a washing machine, used detergent to wear their clothing.
The PHE guidelines also suggest that washers that can not be washed in the washing machine, usually cleaned with dry cleaning, are put on the holders by two plastic bags that are sealed in their closure and stored safely in their home. According to the announcement, the Public Health Service examines how these dresses can be cleaned with the best method and will later provide guidance.
PHE also recommends that people who have been in the restaurant and pub at the time should either rub their personal items, such as their phone or handbags with household or infant wipes, and then wipe them out in their home waste bin and wash their hands thoroughly with soap.
The Public Health Authority stresses in the Sunday call that it is merely a precautionary council and that the general risk to the population from the incident is low.
PHE calls “possible, but unlikely,” that very small quantities of toxins can get stuck and can still be present on the clothes and other objects on the two locations, so that they can come into contact with the skin of the owners. If potentially contaminated objects are repeatedly exposed to skin, they may occasionally derive a small amount of health risk, but this risk can be eliminated by the proposed measures – is available on Sunday’s UK public health authority.
In Salisbury, on Sunday, a member of the British Army, the Royal Navy, and the Royal Air Force, about 180 nuclear, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear warfare, worked to clear the sites and objects that could be in contact with the nerve to kill the murder.
The help of military experts was demanded by the London Police Department’s nationwide anti-terrorism service on Friday, on the grounds that a large number of potentially contaminated vehicles and other objects should be removed from downtown Salisbury, and the armed forces have sufficient capacity and expertise.

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