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The Sagrada Familia gets a building permit for 136 years Culture 

The Sagrada Familia gets a building permit for 136 years

The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, 136 years after the foundation stone, gets a building permit, after the local government and the relevant ecclesiastical foundation have reached an agreement after two years of negotiation – several Spanish daily newspapers reported.

The foundation for construction will pay the city EUR 36 million over the next ten years. In return for the city administration, he undertook to issue the required permits in the first quarter of 2019. It is estimated that 22 million euros will be spent from the city for the development of the public transport network, creating a direct underground link between the metro and the basilica from EUR 7 million. EUR 4 million would be spent on urban development in the immediate vicinity of the Sagrada Familia and, in ten years, around EUR 3 million for cleaning up and keeping the area clean.

With 4.5 million visitors to the Sagrada Familia, the most popular monument in Spain today, however, the city also has a problem with the constant crowd around the Basilica. However, the agreement called “history” by the city administration did not deal with all the controversial issues, since the basilica originally planned to lead a large avenue leading to the main entrance, for which two residential blocks should now be demolished.

Jordi Faulí, chief architect at the end of September, told reporters that they intend to finish the building exactly as he was honored by world-famous designer Antoni Gaudí. The end of Sagrada Familia is promised by 2026, the 100th anniversary of Antoni Gaudí’s death.

The tallest, 172-meter central tower will be completed four years later. The basilica, which uniquely combines Gothic and Art Nouveau elements with the symbolism of Catalan modernism, has eight completed towers, eight years later, altogether eighteen towers will be erected above the city.

The foundation stone of the basilica was laid out in 1882, while architect Antoni Gaudí took over the work in a year and become obsessed with it; everything has been redesigned over and over again with other works that were abandoned since 1910.
At the construction site he lived as a hermit, he himself collected the costs until his death on June 10, 1926. At this time, only a quarter of the building, a tower, and an eastern façade had been completed. The Sagrada Familia has been built since then, and in 2005 UNESCO declared it a part of the World Heritage Site. The building was completed on November 6, Pope Benedict raised and sanctified the rank of the Basilica. The church works, they celebrate masses, but most of them come as tourists to admire the odd building.

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