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Sin Bet 250 defeated terrorism this year in Israel Big World 

Sin Bet 250 defeated terrorism this year in Israel

The Sin Bet security service has blocked 250 major terrorist offenses in Israel this year, “the website of Jediot Ahronót, the ynet on Wednesday, said.

Among the blocked actions were suicide bombings, kidnappings and armed attacks, said Nadav Argaman, director of Sin Bet on Wednesday at an international security conference in Jerusalem.
Frequent “lone wolf” bombers since 2015 act mostly as a result of intensifying and radical conversation in social media, “Argaman said.
“By combining quality, committed human resources, advanced technology and unique and professional working methods, counterterrorism is possible and successful,” he added.
“Sin Bet invests heavily in the development of technologies such as artificial intelligence, which is a significant advance in predicting intentions and terrorist attacks,” said Nadav Argaman.

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