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Syria – NATO: chemical weapons can not be used impunity Big World United States Of America 

Syria – NATO: chemical weapons can not be used impunity

No chemical weapons could be left unpunished and under no circumstances can be tolerated in Syria, which poses a direct threat to both local people and collective security, said Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary-General in Brussels on Saturday.

In a press conference held after the extraordinary meeting of NATO ambassadors, the Secretary-General declared that the military alliance strongly condemns the Syrian Government’s repeated use of chemical weapons and calls for the accountability of those responsible. NATO fully supports common American, British and French action to eliminate the chemical weapons reserves of the Syrian regime as a whole, and all actions that prevent the attack on civilians in Syria, he said.

As you have said, the Allies expressed their regret that the UN Security Council resolution, which concerns a joint investigation mechanism for the identification and punishment of perpetrators of chemical attacks, did not renew in November 2017. Ambassadors from NATO member states supported the extension of the mechanism.

The Secretary-General informed that a military alliance called on the Syrian regime and its supporters, Russia and Iran, to enable rapid, durable and unimpeded humanitarian access in the areas affected by the conflict. In addition, they called on Russia to use its influence to exert pressure on the Syrian government to engage constructively in the Geneva process under the aegis of the United Nations.

The use of chemical weapons is a clear violation of international standards and treaties, including the UNSC Chemical Weapons Convention, which Syria ratified in 2013, said Stoltenberg. Using chemical weapons is a major threat to international peace and security – he added.

Under the rule of the Syrian rebels in Duma, on April 7, more than 40 deaths were claimed by an allegedly idiotic attack, for which the Western powers are responsible for the regime of President Bassar al-Asad and military retaliation. Damascus leadership and its supreme ally, Russia refuses this, calling the Western affirmations a fable.

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