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Scottish government: billionaires benefit the Scottish economy by foreign EU workers       Brexit Scotland 

Scottish government: billionaires benefit the Scottish economy by foreign EU workers    

According to the calculations of the Scottish government, billions of pounds a year will benefit the Scottish economy by foreign EU workers working in Scotland.

The Government of the Scottish National Party (SNP), which aspired to independence, submitted its study to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), which is a part of the British Ministry of Home Affairs. The task of the body is to develop recommendations for London on the immigration policy of post-EU membership.
The British government has asked the committee in the summer to conduct a comprehensive survey of how EU immigration affects the economy of England, Wales, Scotland and the Northern Ireland.
The Scottish government in its study presented to the survey showed that last year, 209,000 foreign EU citizens lived in Scotland; the majority of them, 59.3 percent, came from the Central and Eastern European countries, including Hungary, which were recruited to the European Union in 2004.
Of the foreign EU citizens over 16 years of age living in Scotland, 128,400 were employed. They gave 5 percent of the total Scottish labor force, and the employment rate was 76.8 percent, which was above the 73.3 percent average of the working-age Scottish population.
The employment rate of EU nationals in Central and Eastern Europe is even higher, at 82.4 percent, and from the older EU countries to Scotland, only 70.7 percent last year.
The Scottish government has stated that macroeconomic model calculations have been carried out to show the contribution of foreign EU workers to the Scottish economy and the budget.
According to the study, it is estimated that the work of a foreign citizen of the EU increases the average GDP of the country by 34,400 pounds (more than HUF 12 million), ie 128 400 employees, totaling 4 foreign nationals , 42 billion pounds (almost 1600 billion forints) are added to the annual GDP of Scotland, and meanwhile they spend on average over 10,000 pounds of additional revenue per person on average.
Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has recently provided personalized foreign nationals living and working in Scotland, the Scottish government welcomes them, appreciates their work and wants to remain in Scotland after the expiration of British membership.
Sturgeon, speaking at the Scottish National Party’s last annual congress in Glasgow, declared that the British government of the Conservative Party was ashamed that after a referendum on UK membership of the United Kingdom, foreign nationals from Great Britain did not receive a clear guarantee for further validation of their current entitlements for nearly one and a half years .
By referendum last June, 51.9 percent of the participants left the national average, while 62 percent of Scotland voted to remain.

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