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Scottish Prime Minister: Independence offers the best future for Scotland Brexit Scotland 

Scottish Prime Minister: Independence offers the best future for Scotland

According to the Scottish prime minister, independence continues to offer the best future for Scotland, but the decision on this will be due once the conditionality of the termination of the British EU membership has been outlined.

Nicola Sturgeon in BBC television’s Sunday political magazine shows: “There is a great deal of confusion” on the future of Britain and the future of the European Union, and the Scots want to be clear on this matter.
According to Sturgeon, on the basis of what the British government and the European Union say, in the “Autumn of the Fall”, it will be possible to give a more accurate picture of the future relationship between Great Britain and the EU, and it is expected that he will be able to judge “what is the right next step in Scotland for”. He said: at this time, it is necessary to determine whether Scotland chooses a new British system of relations with the EU or has the right to become an independent country.
In the referendum on British membership in the EU in 2016, 51.9 percent of the participants left the country on the national average, while 62 percent of Scotland voted to remain.
Since then, Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly outlined that a new referendum on independence will be held in Scotland because Scotland can not afford to “chew” the European Union despite its will. However, according to the Scottish government’s current position, however, as long as the British exit rule is uncertain, it would be premature to determine the time of the new independence referendum.
This view was confirmed by the Scottish prime minister on Sunday BBC.
There has been a referendum on Scotland’s independence in September 2014, but then the perpetrators have won a 55 per cent majority.
Nicola Sturgeon’s position is weakened by the fact that the Scottish National Party (SNP), which aspires to maintain the Scottish government in the early British parliamentary elections of June last year, suffered a major loss of mandate in the lower house of London.
In response to a BBC statement by Nicola Sturgeon on Sunday, the spokesman of the British Prime Minister’s Office made little reference to the fact that if Scotland withdrew from Britain, it would have disadvantages for the Scottish economy.
Downing Street officials have stated that the annual value of Scotland’s trade with other parts of the United Kingdom exceeds four times the value of Scotland and the European Union trade, so it is vital for the market to operate without any hindrance.
The spokesman urged the Scottish government to cooperate with the British Government instead of torpedoing the outcome of a democratic referendum on UK membership, “to protect the UK’s internal market.”

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