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Scottish Prime Minister: Scotland wants foreign nationals to stay in Scotland        Brexit Scotland 

Scottish Prime Minister: Scotland wants foreign nationals to stay in Scotland     

Scotland welcomes foreign nationals living and working there, appreciates their work and wants to stay in Scotland after the expiration of Brex, that is, after the expiration of the British EU membership – the Scottish prime minister said on Tuesday.

Nicola Sturgeon, speaking on the closing day of the annual Congress of the Scottish National Party (SNP), governor of Scotland, in Glasgow, Glasgow, declared that the British Conservative British Government was ashamed that foreign nationals living in Great Britain did not 16 months after the referendum on British membership in the EU they were given a clear guarantee of further validating their current entitlements.
Sturgeon confirmed the plan already outlined earlier on the basis of which the UK government is bound to pay for the resettlement permit to be paid by the Scottish Government to workers in the public service sector in Scotland.
According to the Scottish prime minister, his government wants to encourage doctors, nursing staff and other public service workers from other EU countries, because Scotland needs them.
According to the package of proposals outlined by the British Government to enforce the rights of foreign EU citizens living in the UK at the end of June, those who have been living in Great Britain for five years as a deadline for a later term are eligible for a “settled” legal status. On that basis, after the Brexit they would have the same privileges as British citizens. London has not made any specific reference to how much it will cost to pay, but according to Scottish press reports, granting this status would cost as much as the UK’s cost of issuing a passport, which is currently £ 72.50.
Nicola Sturgeon, speaking on the closing day of the SNP congress, stated that if conservatives set “arbitrarily imposed” barriers to immigration, then the number of people who pay taxes and the local public services will be reduced in Scotland.
According to Sturgeon, Scotland needs Scotland’s own customized immigration policy, and it is time for the Scottish Parliament to come up with the right to draft local immigration rules.
Scotland enjoys a wide range of local government powers, but immigration is governed by the UK government’s national powers.
Nicola Sturgeon called the Scottish National Party as Party of Independence. He said Scotland should have the right to decide on its future when it comes to knowing more about the conditions of termination of British EU membership.
In the referendum last year on the British EU membership, 51.9 percent of the participants left the country on the national average, while 62 percent of Scotland voted for retirement.
Since then, Nicola Sturgeon has repeatedly outlined that a new referendum on independence will be held in Scotland because Scotland can not afford to “chew” the European Union despite its will. However, according to the Scottish government’s current position, however, as long as the British exit rule is uncertain, it would be premature to determine the time of the new independence referendum.
Three years ago, there was a referendum on Scotland’s independence, but then the secessionists wound up with a 55 per cent majority.
In Mrs Keddi’s speech, Sturgeon said on Catalan independence referendum that Madrid and Catalan leadership must seek dialogue with the rule of law in dialogue and respect the right of the Catalan people to decide on their own future.

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