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George Soros: I can not stay silent European Union 

George Soros: I can not stay silent

According to György Soros, the campaign launched by the Hungarian government deliberately misread his views.

In the online edition of the Financial Times newspaper, the Hungarian-American businessman said on Monday that he had publicly publicly commented on Viktor Orbán’s attacks, but he must now speak because he is afraid of the security of the NGOs he supports.
“Tragedy for Hungary is that its government is trying to keep its power hated by hatred and the deception of the population,” Soros told the Financial Times.
He said that he is now afraid of the security of Hungarian NGOs, which Viktor Orbán wants to observe with the Hungarian intelligence services.
The campaign against him is a “deliberate misrepresentation” of his views aimed at shifting voters’ attention to the poor state of education and health.
“I can not stay silent anymore, because I’m afraid that the minuscule announcement that the Hungarian intelligence services will start investigating raises the risk of persecution, not just organizations but also individual leaders,” György Soros said.
He expressed his position on the refugee question: he is the advocate of a European correspondent method of sending refugees to those countries that want to receive them and in which refugees want to stay. “The point is that this distribution would be purely voluntary, which is the opposite of what the Hungarian government accuses me of in its campaign of propaganda”, – quotes the British newspaper as the billionaire.
About Viktor Orbán György Soros said that when he supported him, Orban organized a young student group against the current regime, so he deserved support. “In fact, he is the one who transformed from the leader of the rebellion against the regime at that time into a mafia state leader”.
He added: the time has come for the governments of the other EU Member States to respond more vigorously to Orban’s handling of civil society and to address the fears of the Hungarian rule of law. According to György Soros, “the current Hungarian regime has gone too far”.
György Soros’s website also published a reference to the national consultation questionnaire, which states that the questionnaire contains slides and lies, and the representatives of the Hungarian government also erroneously state that György Soros directs the European Union’s decision-making process. In fact, decisions on the management of the migration crisis are brought by the EU Member States and their institutions, and they are also part of the Hungarian government, reads the communication. The communique then responds from point to point to the statements of the national consultation.


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