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With the support of György Soros, a campaign will be launched to stop the Brexit process      Brexit United Kingdom 

With the support of György Soros, a campaign will be launched to stop the Brexit process   

On Thursday, according to a British newspaper, with the support of György Soros, a campaign is launched to keep the United Kingdom a member of the European Union.

The report by The Daily Telegraph, a conservative, strongly EU-skeptical policy paper, said that the Hungarian investor donated 400 thousand pounds (140 million forints) to the Best For Britain campaign organization through the Open Society Foundation, which he announced as “open” the possibility of further EU membership to the United Kingdom.
According to the report, Soros held the Best of Britain senior personalities, including Lord George Malloch Brown, the chairman of the organization who had served as secretary of state in the former government of the opposition Labor Party in London, and in 2006, He was also the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.
At the meeting, the Telegraph reported that there were present Sir Martin Sorrell, the world’s largest advertising company, WPP’s general manager and several private sector donors of the ruling British Conservative Party, although they said there was no financial support for the Brexit campaign.
However, at the meeting a “strategic document” was born that the planned campaign should “alert the country that Brexit is not a decisive fact” and “is still not late” to stop the exit process – writes the conservative British daily newspaper to which it came the call.
According to The Daily Telegraph, the campaign, which is expected to start at the end of this month, should “focus strongly on the young age group.” Among the goals are organizing mass events and concerts, and reaching out to “become a clear and growing majority” this summer is sponsored by the public to retain British membership of the EU.
According to the British newspaper, the document also outlines the fact that if an agreement with the EU on the British exit rule is being issued in October, and the government, in agreement with the Prime Minister Theresa May, submits the treaty to the House of Commons, to the anti-Brexit movement should win the vote in the lower house, which is likely to lead to a new referendum or a new parliamentary election.
In Britain, a referendum was held in June 2016 on British EU membership, with a narrow majority of 51.9 percent of participants attending.
Since then, the British government has repeatedly stated that there is no possibility for a new referendum, the United Kingdom will withdraw from the European Union in accordance with the 2016 referendum.
Lord Malloch-Brown, on Thursday, confirmed to BBC that György Soros had supported the campaign for Best for Britain by 400,000 pounds, but added that other sponsors of the campaign “gave more.”
He added that Best for Britain had met the rules governing financial donations. “We have never been secretive of our program: we have been campaigning hard to fight substantive voting (in the lower house) on the Brexit agreement and we have achieved this.”
The president of Best for Britain also confirmed the British public service radio that the campaign organization aims to “keep all options on the agenda”, including that the United Kingdom remains a member of the European Union.
According to Lord Malloch-Brown, this is a “democratic and patriotic” campaign aimed at “regaining our future”.

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