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Soros: a tragic mistake Britain’s exit from the EU        Brexit 

Soros: a tragic mistake Britain’s exit from the EU     

György Soros says a tragic mistake is Britain’s exit from the European Union. The Hungarian-American investor reacted to the attack on the newspaper by a newspaper published on the online edition of the Sunday Sunday British newspaper Conservative, strongly against EU anti-EU law.

As a precedent of the case, the Daily Telegraph newspaper, which was also heavily EU skeptical, wrote that Soros donated 400,000 pounds (140 million forints) to the Best For Britain campaign organization through the Open Society Foundation it created, to remain “open” to the possibility of further EU membership to the United Kingdom.
According to the information, British anti-Brexit organization supported by György Soros will soon launch a campaign to stop the exit process.
As a result of the Telegraph article, the Weekly Bulletin of the Mail Group, the Daily Mail, described the financial support provided by Soros to the non-Brexite civil organization as “dirty money” and demanded that György Soros “flee” from British internal politics.
In response, Soros says in his commentary on the online issue of the online edition of the page: he never secretly opposes Britain’s exit from the EU, and even during the referendum held in June 2016 on EU membership, he published his views on the Mail on Sunday fairly “openly” .
In his Sunday article, György Soros calls the tragic mistake of Brexit, and a referendum on British membership of the European Union, calling the small, 51.9 percent majority of the participants to leave, a fatal mistake.
Experience shows that Soros says that often in the referendums are bad decisions, because “people who are fired by unscrupulous agitators” use referendums to express their dissatisfaction with the current situation, without considering later consequences.
“The fact that the situation is unsatisfactory does not mean that it can not be worse. In Great Britain,” said the article.
Soros says everyone is losing to Brex. Without Britain, the European ability to defend and promote democratic values will weaken and the British pressure on the necessary institutional reform of the EU will be lacking.
It also loses the third largest economy in Europe and the strongest advocate of liberal economic policy.
Great Britain will lose much of its global influence outside the EU and the process of successful economic integration of the past 45 years will “reverse” – writes György Soros.
According to the author, there is no friendly divorce, divorce is always devastating, and it is illusory to expect that the separation of the economies of Britain and the European Union can take place during the two years of exit negotiations.
According to Soros, this separation process will last for at least five years, but it will take a much longer time, and at least during the transitional period, the EU and Britain will become enemies.
According to György Soros, Brexit also caused a generational division in British society as the overwhelming majority of those under the age of 35 were still in retirement, and the majority of the 55-year-olds were excluded. Older voters were in the referendum, but young people will bear the consequences of Brexit in the coming decades.
This reinforces the disappointment of young people in democracy, but also raises the prospect that Britain will ultimately want to return to the EU.
Europe’s gates may remain open in the future, but if Britain is to quit, it will never be able to go back to favorable conditions like the current one, says György Soros.
According to the big investor, it is not enough to simply reverse the proportion of votes cast in the EU referendum, but it is not much more than 52 per cent of those who want to retire, who have a significantly greater share in Europe’s persuasion than the British attitude towards the Union has changed fundamentally.
According to György Soros, this process is in the right direction. The question is: how can the momentum be strengthened so that a turning point can be reached in the next six to nine months?
The anti-Brexit organization, Best for Britain, has helped build the forces that are aimed at keeping Britain in the European Union and, in this endeavor, I support this organization “with my whole heart”, writes György Soros.

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