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The man who was about to kill the Spanish head of state was arrested in Catalonia European Union 

The man who was about to kill the Spanish head of state was arrested in Catalonia

Pedro Sánchez was arrested for killing a Spanish head of government in Catalonia – the local police said on Thursday.

The 63-year-old security guard was detained in Tarrasa, near Barcelona, in mid-September after finding 16 firearms in his home and two in his car.
The court then made a decision on its pre-trial detention.
According to the information on the Público web site, he is the best qualified shooter, the best local shooter club, who was shot dead because the Spanish government wants to exhume the earth’s remnants of General Francisco Franco’s former dictator.
One of the acquaintances informed the authorities of the plan for the assassination after a call from a mobile message group asking for the Prime Minister’s daily programs and places of residence.
The man suspected of preparing for the assassination of the head of government is not a criminal record, it is not related to any organization, but according to the information provided to him, he is in the extreme right-wing environment and is a great admirer for the former dictator.
The Spanish Prime Minister’s Office stated that the security of Pedro Sánchez was not in danger and that threats of this kind are constant.
One of the first announcements of the Socialist Spanish government in June was the exhumation of Franco from the basilica in Elesetts Valley, Madrid, claiming that “in a democratic system, a dictator can not be a mausoleum.”
The Spanish parliament has approved the government’s decision, but there is still debate over where to bury it again. The family insists on the Almudena Cathedral in downtown Madrid, according to the cabinet, but fears it would be a pilgrimage site for Fascists, so looking for a different solution.
In Spain for 36 years, the Franco-Franco dictatorship of the Spanish Civil War from 1939 until the death of the general in 1975.
Uralma, after the civil war between the right-wing monarchist-nationalist right-wing and the left-wing forces of the republic, began with harsh reprisals, at least 30,000 executed and thousands imprisoned.
The Elesettek Valley, about 50 kilometers from Madrid, is now a long way from the gigantic stone crossroads, with the slaughter of thousands of prisoners built by the dictator’s civil war victory.
Since the huge crypt of the basilica proved to be too great, Franco had transported the dead bodies of the republicans, without the consent or knowledge of the relatives.
According to official estimates, 30,000 people were buried there, but some historians make this number 60,000.

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