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Spaniards continue to regard unemployment as the country’s main problem European Union 

Spaniards continue to regard unemployment as the country’s main problem

 Spaniards continue to be the biggest problem facing the country, according to a survey published by the Spanish Social Research Center (CIS) on Tuesday.

    According to 66.8 per cent of the respondents, high unemployment is one of the most worrying in Spain.
    In the latest comparative research published in November, it was still 1.7 percent less likely to be this, even though unemployment was the first in this list.
    Since the economic crisis, Greece has the highest rate of unemployment in the European Union still in Spain.
    The Spanish government is 17.4 percent unemployed for this year
and by 11.1 per cent by 2020, when it is 20
targeting over one million jobs. To achieve this, additional 1 million new jobs must be created.
    In the CIS survey, 31.7 percent of the respondents rated second place corruption in the country as a source of concern. The third was ranked with 28.5 percent for politicians and political parties.
    The economy ranked fourth in the list of problems in the country, which makes 22.9 percent of the respondents worried.
    Fifth, the Catalan independence aspirations were 16.7 percent, a decrease of 7.9 percent compared to the previous survey.
    All of this has been explained by the incorporation of Article 155 of the Constitution, that is to say, the adoption of state control over Catalonia and the announcement of early elections.
    In the top ten, health care was also followed by social problems, followed by concerns about workplace quality, education and pensions. But terrorism fears are not among the top ten issues.
    The CIS survey is one of the most comprehensive researches that always attach great importance to Spain.
    The study, which was published today, was made in early December and about 2,500 people were questioned in 253 settlements in the country.

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