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Stephen Hawking’s doctoral thesis was seen over two million in a week        Interesting Facts Culture 

Stephen Hawking’s doctoral thesis was seen over two million in a week     

More than two million people were interested in a week’s PhD thesis by Stephen Hawking, a theoretical physicist, who was released by the scientist for free – BBC News reported on the weekend.

Hawking’s Theory of Expanding Universes has raised so much interest that the website of the Cambridge University Publication Section has collapsed due to the traffic. More than half a million attempted to download the thesis.
Arthur Smith, the deputy head of scientific communications at the University, called the data monumental. As he added, Hawking’s thesis is the far-fetched piece of the university’s Apollo archive. “I think, Professor Hawking’s doctoral dissertation is the most sought-after document for any research database,” he said.
Hawking wrote the 134-page document at the age of 24 as a postgraduate student at Trinity Hall in Cambridge.
According to the university’s data, a doctor on Monday released more than two million times in the world, about 800,000 individual browsers from all corners of the world.
Earlier, for copying, scanning a professor’s paper, or having someone personally gone to the library to read, he had to pay £ 65 to the university.
The university hopes that following Hawking’s example, other former students will be freely making available their scientific work. Smith says that “there is no point in blocking knowledge and information”.

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