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Sting pays a yearly license fee to be able to sing under this name Music 

Sting pays a yearly license fee to be able to sing under this name

If you get the name out of Steve Borden, do you know who to think about first? And if it’s Gordon Sumner? They both became known as Sting, the former pardoner, the former frontman of The Police and then as a solo speaker. But which one is the real Sting? According to the US Patent Office, between 1985 and 2016, an active wrestler, Steve Borden, the singer can only use it for a yearly royalty.

The thing is quite simple, probably Gordon Sumner did not remember the Sting name, especially when it came to The Police, and not only was it known world-wide. Even Sting’s nickname was much earlier, even in the 1970s when the Phoenix Jazzman Newcastle band mostly played in a black, yellow striped sweater. By the time the other Sting began to bankrupt in 1985, by then Gordon Sumner was only Sting, and in a 1985 documentary, he replied to Gordon’s journalist
My kids, even my mom calls Sting. Who is this Gordon guy you mention?

Later, in 2011, he said that no one ever called Gordon in his life if they were called out on the street and would not hear it.

Still, he has an annual license fee for her – according to rumors – not to live as a Gordon. It is not known how much one Sting is paying to another, where they talk at all about the amount, they are reporting a symbolic one-dollar prize annually, which is a good head on Steve Borden.
So they looked at each other when the two Sting once stood on a stage.

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