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Suzuki invests $ 3 billion in India in three years      Business Finance 

Suzuki invests $ 3 billion in India in three years   

Suzuki Motor Corp. invests almost $ 3 billion in India in three years to maintain its leading position in the market there and to prepare for the transition to exclusively hybrid and electric motors.

According to The Economic Times, the fourth-largest Japanese car maker from $ 3 billion invests about $ 2.3 billion in its Indian daughter company, a stock-listed Maruti Suzuki company. The remaining amount is spent by the company to increase Suzuki Motor Gujarat’s production capacity.
Maruti Suzuki has more than 50 percent market share in India.
Suzuki announced at the beginning of the week that it rose 68 percent to 86.9 billion yen ($ 790.36 million, $ 100 a 231.75 forints) in sales growth in its quarterly operating profit in Europe and Japan, and the largest car and motorcycle dealerships, market in India.

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