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Expert: London can not play the employee card       Brexit 

Expert: London can not play the employee card    

She was disappointed with London, which was a sort of adva to digress the work of EU workers in Britain after Brexit. There are fewer people coming to the island, and more and more people are leaving or considering it, “said Chief Research Officer at the Seaplane on Tuesday morning’s M1 current channel.

István Kiss spoke about the latest figures for the first quarter of this year show that the number of employees coming from EU Member States to Great Britain has fallen by thirty percent, but it does not know how many have left the country or are planning to do so. In some professions, the decline is even bigger, the number of nurses who came to work has dropped to one tenth of the previous one, he added.
The expert stressed that the stakeholders were uncertain about the conditions under which Brexit could stay in the island. No matter what time they arrived, they could get a residency permit for a five-year residency because most of the living Hungarians came to Britain in 2012-13, he said.

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