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Expert: Changes in Germany are noticeable European Union 

Expert: Changes in Germany are noticeable

Political scientist Zoltán Kiszelly says that changes in Germany are perceptible.

The expert on the Sunday morning program of the current channel M1 asked, inter alia, that at least nine people were injured in Saturday’s anti-immigration and parallel protests in Chemnitz, Saxony. According to the authorities, some 4,500 protested against the federal government’s asylum policy, while 3,500 had been summoned for counter-attack.
According to Zoltan Kiszelly, Germany is taking place there, before Hungary before 2010. Then, in the Hungarian society, “hopelessness and hopelessness” became overwhelming. Now German society also sees its position as hopeless – the expert said. According to him, in average cities the average German is increasingly difficult to maintain their standard of living. In addition, migration also changes everyday life. For all this, politics does not answer, she added.
In addition, there is a shortage of labor in Germany: there is no one working with children, there is no factory worker, Zoltán Kiszelly said, adding that German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants to implement a “new Soros plan”. The essence of this is that 600 000 asylum seekers currently in Italy would be sent back, but equally people would be legally flying. They would be subdivided by quotas in European countries, “he said.

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