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Expert: Several American nuclear weapons can be more secure United States Of America 

Expert: Several American nuclear weapons can be more secure

Paradoxically, security can increase if more nuclear weapons are made by the United States, because balance in this area creates stability, “said America’s Matter Káló, Tuesday morning, on the current channel M1.

The expert asked Washington about plans for the use of nuclear weapons. He explained that Russia has increased its nuclear arsenal despite the international conventions, so the United States likewise does.
Although there will be more nuclear weapons in the world, but that can increase security, stability – he said.
President Donald Trump also instructed the Pentagon to review the US atomic arsenal last year. The chairman issued a statement that the US strategy has the lowest chance of deploying atomic weapons and is aimed at deterring attacks on the United States and its allies, including not only nuclear attacks with nuclear weapons. The president urged the modernization of the American atomic arsenal, in his view, the deterrence of the nuclear power that became more pronounced in the Russian and Chinese military strategies and programs.

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