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Expert: No countervailing system in Turkey European Union 

Expert: No countervailing system in Turkey

Turkey does not have a counterbalance system, virtually everything President Recep Tayyip Erdogan decides – said Zoltán Egeresi, Turkey’s expert on the M1 channel on Friday.

The expert was asked about Erdogan’s presidential oath on Monday, and the presidential system officially took effect in Turkey.
Earlier, in Turkey, in a public law system similar to Hungarian, a strong Prime Minister controlled executive power, the head of state was more symbolic, the expert said.
In the new Turkish presidential system, the position of the head of government will cease and the powers will be transferred to the head of state. Furthermore, while the former president of the republic could not be a party member, Erdogan could lead the ruling party of Justice and Development in the coalition, so his legislature also had significant influence, and he could appoint judges, while his brother was the finance minister, said Zoltan Egeresi.
Although the Party of Truth and Development is “tired” – there have been more choices in Turkey over the past few years, as well as a referendum, a coup attempt and an economic crisis – the governing party’s base looks solid. Erdogan also cares within his own party that no grouping can be formed that questions his rule – the expert said.
Regarding Turkey’s EU accession negotiations, she added: they will certainly continue, which is in both parties’ interest. About half of the Turkish population in the EU imagines the future of their country, and the EU is important to maintain dialogue on the refugee issue, but no progress is expected, Zoltán Egeresi said.

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