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Saudi Arabia It opens up spectacular sites for tourists Travel 

Saudi Arabia It opens up spectacular sites for tourists

Saudi Arabia is not famous for its tourism, but is more of a restrained country that does not want to see itself on the planet’s diverse palette. Now, however, he decided to open a magnificent archaeological site for visitors to boost tourism.

In the Al-Ula area you will find Madain Saleh, an ancient city of nabate, and UNESCO World Heritage. Saudi Arabia and France have now signed an agreement to cooperate with the site, “says Lonely Planet News. With French expertise, the Arab country wants to keep the archaeological treasures here and to promote sustainable tourism.

In the oldest records, even mentioned as Hegra, Madain Saleh was the southern capital of the Nabataeans (the other capital was well-known and visited by many people in Jordan, Jordan). The town was lying on an important trade route for thousands of years. Today, it is so special for her grave in 131 cliffs.

Saudi Arabia announced in 2017 that tourist visas can now be claimed. Previously, only those who had been pilgrims, visited their families, or business were allowed to enter the country. At the same time, it was also found that strict religious standards would be discounted at some places, for example, for a seaside holiday resort specially designed for tourists.

Opening is the opening of the Al-Ula region to visitors to get to know Saudi Arabia’s cultural richness and local values. As part of the convention, the Arab Institute of Culture of Paris will open an exhibition of the culture of Al-Ula in the spring of 2019, which will present the history of the region from ancient times up to today’s conservation efforts.

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