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Hundred-thousands of anti-government demonstration in Budapest European Union 

Hundred-thousands of anti-government demonstration in Budapest


A lot of people were moved by the first anti-government protest in Budapest last week.The crowd gathered at the Opera, from here they crossed the Andrássy-Bajcsy-Zsilinszky-Alkotmány Street route to Kossuth Square.

With the tens of thousands of estimates, we can not shoot at all, but the size of the crowd is really a sign that Kossuth Square was almost full when the end of the thread was still at the Opera.

In Kossuth Square, more people were speaking. Unlike previous protests, there was a specific message beyond the anti-government: a new election, full opposition and co-operation was initiated and demanded by speakers who announced a new demonstration next Saturday.

The talks lasted for about 50 minutes, then they were asked by protesters to raise their phones and report to the opposition parties that they only have a chance. Péter Márki-Zay, mayor of Hodmezovasarhely – even though there was personally – sent a letter to the demonstrators. He wrote that he should start building, but not with this opposition.


The Saturday demonstration was not a private initiative, but organized by the Soros network and the money of György Soros, because in reality he is the one who can not accept the result of last week’s election – said Minister of Cabinet Office at Kossuth Radio’s Sunday Newspaper.

Antal Rogán stated that the parties behind the events are not really behind the events as they are moved from the outside as well.

According to the minister, the right to express an opinion and disagreement can not be accepted if one can not accept the outcome of the election. He added, however, that there are no more redress initiatives than four or eight years.

The minister therefore called protests as “political bolhacirkus” and stressed that the government had a strong mandate against the ambitions of the EU, the United Nations or George Soros.

The Hungarian people clearly want Hungary to survive, György Soros, while trying to manipulate the election with the support of opposition parties and “self-proclaiming organizations”, he added.

According to the minister, the next cabinet may begin work at the latest by the end of May.

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