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Strengthens the punishments of the Italian judicial reform European Union 

Strengthens the punishments of the Italian judicial reform

The prison sentence imposed on robberies was lifted for at least four years in prison, speeded up court proceedings and modified the limitation period of Italian criminal law reform, which the Italian House of Representatives voted on Wednesday.

By the vote of confidence, the House of Parliament of the Italian Parliament has accepted the reform expected for four years. The Senate had said yes to the package in March. Members voted in favor of 320 votes, 149 against, and one representative abstained. The legislative package adds 94 new paragraphs to the Italian Criminal Code.
For certain offenses that the lawmakers condemned as “socially dangerous and worrying”, the punishable punishment was tightened. The minimum sentence has been raised for a three-year prison sentence for at least one year’s imprisonment for housing, for three years in the case of robbery, four years for download.
At the same time, for lawfully convicted persons, the law – in some cases, for example, if it is not a criminal or offending criminal – offers a prisoner alternative, personalized, alternative punishment for retaliation, including for example mothers with children. First of all, he wants to overcome the overcrowded jail situation in Italy: more than 54,000 prisoners in less than 50,000 locations in Italy are in prison. This part of the law was opposed by the right-wing political forces, emphasizing that they would openly open the cells of the sentenced.
The novelty of the legislative package is the acceleration of Italian judicial procedures, which the EU has long advocated. The trial period is reduced from six months to three months, but may be extended by another three months; For 15 months for mafia crimes.
The limitation period has also been considerably reduced to speed up Italian lawsuits: according to last year’s survey, the average length of the first-degree judgment in Italy was 2-3 years, but it could take up to five to six years.
The new legislation also limits the disclosure of texts of public telephone hearings. So far it has been a frequent scandal in Italy that the press has easily accessed and communicated the conversations between people under investigation.

Source: MTI

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