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A colorful squirrel jumps on the branches in the depths of Indian forests Interesting Facts 

A colorful squirrel jumps on the branches in the depths of Indian forests

A special squirrel is hiding in the canopy of the Indian forests: the Malaysian kingdom, or Indian name, is not only seen with its large, but vibrant color from its kind. The spectacular fur coat is inhabited by deciduous forests and tropical rainforests south of Madhja Prades.

It is a very tall squirrel, head-trunk length 35-40 centimeters, tail length between 35-60 centimeters and body weight is generally 2 kilograms, about twice as large as a gray squirrel. The shiny tail is longer than the rest of your body combined. The back is usually black, limbs and head reddish brown, abdomen white or reddish brown. His feet are wide, armchairs large and strong, so he is able to walk wisely on the trees. While searching for food, you can jump off the branches up to six meters. They eat berries, raspberries, bushes, vegetable juices and fruits, as well as insects and eggs.

This shy squirrel is rarely seen on the ground and builds a large nest of branches and leaves on top of trees. When it is trimmed, it slides into the branch or falls behind a thick tree trunk. Its main enemies include predatory birds, but the leopard is hunting for it.

The Indian kingdom does not currently endanger the species, but because of the expansion and shrinking of its habitat, the number is constantly decreasing. According to John Koprowski, professor at the University of Arizona, these rodents are not only unique in their appearance and exceptional color, but also because they represent an ancient group of squirrels. “A unique evolutionary group that has long been here, and hopefully it will remain so long,” said the expert at The Dodo.

The professor was surprised, too, when he first watched them in their natural habitat: “It was the first thing I thought was too large to be squirrel, more like a primate. It’s a giant, “he said, adding that his stained coat in the depths of dense forests means a great adaptation, helping the survival of giant squirrels in the wild, and when the sun shines, it blossoms in beautiful shades.

Source: Photo: Wikipédia

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