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Syria – US Defense Secretary: Chemical Weapons Attack & Finding Evidence Other United States Of America 

Syria – US Defense Secretary: Chemical Weapons Attack & Finding Evidence

“I believe that there is a chemical weapons attack in Syria and we are looking for genuine evidence,” said Defense Minister James Mattis on Thursday at the House of Representatives ‘House of Representatives’ Armed Forces.

The head of the ministry said that any US military strike was intended to prevent the “liberation” of the Syrian war in which Russia, Iran, Turkey and others were involved. At the same time, he added: the United States has not yet made a decision on the military strike.

James Mattis accused Russia of being “cynical” in the conservation of the Syrian chemical weapons stockpile before the parliamentary committee. On Monday, the minister has already indicated to Moscow that in 2013, according to a deal with Damascus, Moscow agreed to take over the destruction of the Syrian chemical weapons stockpile. According to the minister, the National Security Council is still discussing this during the day.

While, according to AP’s report, Washington has ordered the Donald Cook destroyer near the Syrian beaches, with 60 Tomahawk flying saucers on board and Syria’s Harry Truman aircraft carrier, President Donald Trump said in a Twitter entry on Thursday the plague against Syria may take a very short time or a long time. “I never said when the attack on Syria would take place. It may very soon, not at all,” he said in a microblogging post. Later, the president told reporters on Thursday that “we will have a series of talks on Syria and see what will happen”. He added, “We need to make a decision quickly”.

Paul Ryan, the president of the House of Representatives, also told reporters: “The United States has a duty to manage the international response to Syria and President Donald Trump has the authority to use military force, and there is no need for the legislature to do so.

Source: MTI Photo: News Today

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