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Syria – Erdogan: Turkish military has begun intervention on Euphrates east coast Big World 

Syria – Erdogan: Turkish military has begun intervention on Euphrates east coast

The Turkish military has started intervention in Syria on the eastern coast of Euphrates, which is under the control of the Kurdish militia of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), said President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday in Ankara, the parliamentary faction session of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Turkish news agency NTV reported on Sunday that Turkish artillery fired on the east coast of Euphrates on YPG’s wars that were directly in front of the town of Djerba. The news media quoted military sources as saying that YPG had previously fired Turkish troops serving Turkish-Syrian border, so Ankara acted as a legitimate self-defense.
Erdogan has repeatedly outlined Turkey’s ability to launch operations in the East of Euphrates, but said on Tuesday that they had made preparations and plans were ready.
At the same time, the Turkish President indicated that the operation will be even more comprehensive and effective in the near future. There is also a “liquidation” of the terrorist organization, he said.
Ankara holds YPG as an allied terrorist organization with the Turks of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), which has been armed uprising in Southeastern Turkey since 1984. The Syrian Kurdish militia, however, enjoys the support of the United States and also receives large amounts of weapons from Washington.
Turkey has initially launched two operations to suppress the presence of YPG: the Euphrasian Shield for the first time since August 2016 cleansed the triangle of the Azas, Dibra and El-Bab cities in the north from the terrorist organization IJ (Islamic State) and YPG, and from January this year called the Kurds who checked the northwestern city of Afrín and its surroundings. Westward of the river Euphrates, under the jurisdiction of YPG, only Manbídz district remained, but there are US soldiers, similarly to the east coast of Euphrates. Although, following an agreement in early June, the Turkish and American armed forces began commencing patrols in Manifizi’s perimeter areas, Ankara is concerned about security in Washington by continuing to support Kurdish militia directly across the Turkish border.

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