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Syria – London initiates a new Security Council session       United Kingdom 

Syria – London initiates a new Security Council session    

The British government initiated a new session of the UN Security Council after the Syrian regime failed to meet BT’s latest ceasefire summit – said British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson on Monday.

Johnson in response to a question from a representative in urgent matters at the London House of Commons, said he instructed the United Nations to re-convene the Security Council in order to discuss the fact that the Syrian President’s Cabinet, Bassar al-Asad, refuses to comply with the BT Resolution 2401 on an immediate ceasefire.
In his speech at the House of Commons, Johnson also said he had asked the Foreign Ministry in London for his ambassador to London and asked him for a report on what Moscow plans to enforce the ceasefire decision of the Security Council.
The British Foreign Secretary did not comment on the conversation, but said that Russia encouraged all its influence to bring the Assad regime into negotiations and take steps towards peace.
Boris Johnson emphasized in his speech that the British Government argues that in Syria only political settlement can ensure the end of the destruction. He added that he is convinced that political settlement is possible if he has the will.
The international community is united in this, and Russia has also expressed its intention to pursue a political settlement in Syria under the auspices of the United Nations. In the course of progress alone, the Asad regime stands, “the British Foreign Minister said in Monday’s cabinet report.

Source: MTI

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