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Syria – Expert: The United States wants to be unpredictable United States Of America 

Syria – Expert: The United States wants to be unpredictable

The United States wants to be unpredictable in Syria, but the recent chemical weapons attack has reacted so strongly that it is difficult to dislodge the planned strike, “said the researcher at the Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Institute, Corvinus University of Budapest, assistant lecturer at the M1 current channel on Friday morning.

According to Máté Szalai, a “very limited, highly targeted, very precise” American blow should be counted, which will not be of strategic importance since Washington is currently aiming at avoiding the repeated deployment of chemical weapons that have already been deported to Syria in 1800.

As he said, the United States does not have a plan to overthrow the Assad regime and want to avoid repeating the case of Libya, where anarchy became anarch after the driver was overthrown.


No decision was taken on Syria at the National Security Council meeting in Washington, the White House reported on Thursday at a local time Thursday late afternoon.

The announcement by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a spokesman, informed that President Donald Trump postponed the decision on possible military strikes against Syria because he needed further consultations with allied countries.

“We have not made a final decision, we continue to consider intelligence and are committed to negotiating with our partners and allies,” read the short communique. Huckabee Sanders also said that Donald Trump is still in talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May and French head of state Emmanuel Macron.

The US president also dealt with Syria on Twitter on Thursday. In the morning, he wrote in his microblogging: “I never said when the attack on Syria would take place, maybe very soon, maybe not at all.” Early in the afternoon he refined the formulation. “We are very, very seriously looking at the situation as a whole,” he told reporters before meeting the National Security Council.

The meeting of the National Security Council was attended by Defense Minister James Mattis, who on Thursday morning heard the hearing of the House of Representatives of the House of Representatives, saying that any US military strike is to prevent the “breakthrough” of the Syrian war in which Russia, Iran, Turkey and others.

The US Defense Secretary noted before the House of Representatives that there was a risk of military strikes, but the chemical weapons in Syria should not be tolerated. The Head of Defense maintained his earlier position that the United States should not be directly involved in the Syrian civil war.

“Our strategy is the same as a year ago, that is to say, the peace agreement reached by the United Nations, and at the same time we should stand by one foot to strangle the Islamic State,” Mattis told the terrorist terrorist organization in Syria. He also pointed out that he personally believes Syria is “guilty” of using “unforgivable” chemical weapons, but also noted that it would be difficult for the international monitoring team to prove who committed the Sabbath Chemical Weapons attack.

Meanwhile, the AP American News Agency reported that Russian military patrols in the Duma city of East Guta had appeared.

MTI / Photo: Global Research

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