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Scripture: The Kremlin regards the charges against Russian leadership as inadmissible Big World United Kingdom 

Scripture: The Kremlin regards the charges against Russian leadership as inadmissible

The Kremlin rejects any British accusation that Russia has anything to do with the Scripal case, and it is unacceptable for all allegations that relate to Russian leadership – Dmitrij Peszkov told reporters on Thursday in Moscow.

The Russian presidential spokesman inter alia responded that State Secretary for Home Affairs Ben Wallace had told BBC earlier this day that “ultimately” Russian President Vladimir Putin was accused of responsibility in Salisbury because he was the Russian state of intelligence leader. Prime Minister Theresa May said on Wednesday that London could prove that two suspects in the Scripal case were agents of the Russian military intelligence and also targeted the Kremlin.
“Russia did not have anything to do with what happened in Salisbury, Russia is not in any way involved in the matter,” says Peszkov, saying that it is indispensable for all the charges against the Russian leadership.
“Ms. May talked about the possible involvement of the top Russian leadership. We repeatedly announce that neither Russia’s top leadership, nor its senior leadership, nor any official representative, has anything to do with what happened in Salisbury, which can not be said and any allegations or charges related to it inadmissible, “he added.
The spokesman stated that Moscow could only take action in the case of the suspect in the Scripal case if London, based on bilateral and multilateral legal aid agreements, applied for such a request in accordance with international practice. As you said, a press conference or a parliamentary speech can not constitute a legal basis for such a thing. He expressed his disappointment that the British leadership did not see any sense of cooperation in the investigation, although this was offered by the Russian authorities at the beginning of the trial.
Marija Zaharova, a Russian foreign affairs spokeswoman, has called into question the credibility of the photos posted by the British authorities on two of the suspects in the Scripal case, referring to the public Rosszija 1 television channel. He pointed out that the photographs of London, made by Alexsandr Petrov and Ruszlav Bosirov as photographs on the British police website, are as follows on March 2, 16, 22, and 43 seconds.
The Russian diplomatic ministry also issued a statement on Thursday, which strongly rejected the British allegations of Russia allegations and said that the British Prime Minister had spoken “in an absolutely unacceptable tone” on Wednesday concerning the Scripal case.
The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has criticized the fact that London continues to name Russia as a single country capable of using the “novice” type of toxic substance and which also motivated its deployment in Salisbury. The authors of the document pointed out that the report by the Technical Secretariat of the Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW) concerning the incident in Amesbury, which did not name the origin of neuritis, did not even mention the name “novices”.
Sergei Skripal A British-UK double agent living in Britain and his daughter got severe poisoning in Salisbury, England on March 4. London was suspected of assassinating Russian leadership, which Moscow refused. Following the accusations and reprisals, the two countries mutually expelled 23 diplomats.
Similar mutual retaliations have taken place between Russia and other states allied with the United Kingdom and its solidarity.
On June 30, near Salisbury, Amesbury, she was unconsciously found at a 44-year-old British woman and a 45-year-old man. Scotland Yard reported that they were poisoned with Novics-like military neurotoxin agents as the first two victims. Scorpions left the hospital after lengthy treatment, but one of the victims of Amesbury’s poisoning, Dawn Sturgess, died on July 9. The British authorities united the investigation into the two cases.

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