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Scriptural case – The Kremlin has no knowledge of Csepiga’s presidential honors Big World 

Scriptural case – The Kremlin has no knowledge of Csepiga’s presidential honors

The Kremlin has no knowledge of President Vladimir Putin’s name for a Csepiga – he told Dmitry Peszkov, Russian presidential spokeswoman Dusanbe.

“I have no information about honoring a man named such as this,” Peszkov said, who promised the press a day earlier that he would check whether an Anatoly Csepiga named Vladimir Putin’s Hero of the Russian Federation.
The name of Csepiga emerged as a suspect in the press on the Scripal case. According to London, Sergei Szkripal was a Russian-British double agent and his daughter, two allegedly defamatory officers of Russian military intelligence, Alekszandr Petrov and Ruszlan Bosirov, committed poisoned murder attempts in early March. The British fact-finding team called Bellingcat on Wednesday claimed that Bosirov was actually Anatoly Csepiga, the chief military officer of the Russian military intelligence, who was awarded the highest Russian state honors in 2014, the Hero of the Russian Federation.
According to Peszkov, the identification of persons is not a matter for the press and not for the Kremlin, but for Russian services, which should be given the opportunity to participate in the investigation of the Scripal case and need official information from competent sources. He reminded him that Moscow had offered to cooperate with London from the beginning.
“It is impossible and very difficult for us to talk about this (about the identity of the suspects) with the mass media, and we do not want to do that.” They can not be in such a sensitive case as the Scripal incident and our counterparts are mass media, “said the spokeswoman.
Peszkov commented: it is not known which of the news in the past few months about the Scripal case in British newspapers and press releases in other countries is authentic and which is not. He also considered the facts about the incident.
As he said, the Kremlin does not want to be more involved in the “foaming” of this issue, especially if its partner is the press. Referring to the press reports that the pictures from Csepiga are similar to Bosirov, he expressed his disapproval. “Finally, at our Red Square, ten Stalin and fifteen Lenins are running today and they all resemble the real thing,” the spokesman said.
Peszkov did not want to comment on the statement by Roman Dobrohotov, editor in chief of the Russian The Insider portal, working with Bellingcatt, to feel his life and freedom at risk. He added that Russian citizens are free to turn to law enforcement agencies if they have any concerns. As you said, this question does not belong to the Kremlin’s jurisdiction.
The Kommersant daily also reported on a Thursday, one day after the release of the Bellingcat material, the village of Berjozovka in the Far East of Russia, whose inhabitants – anonymously – stated that Csepiga and his family lived for a long time but moved to Blagovescsencs years ago.
You have not seen Anatoly Csepigat about ten years ago, but a local woman has said that he has been recognized in all the media, including his voice. Another woman said that Csepiga “is not very similar” to the person on the photos because when she last saw her, she was “almost completely bald.” At the same time, he knew that Csepiga had worked for the secret service in crisis areas.

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