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Scriptural case – Lavrov: The West must stop by expelling diplomats         Big World 

Scriptural case – Lavrov: The West must stop by expelling diplomats       

It does not depend on Russia how far diplomatic mutilation can go away, the West must be the first to quit on this issue, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday in Moscow.

Lavrov has pointed out that Moscow will continue to act on the principle of reciprocity. According to his words, the Western countries narrow down the possibility of dialogue with Russia through the expulsion of Russian diplomats by “fake pretext”.
Dmitry Peszkov, a spokeswoman for the Kremlin, told reporters that he had made countermeasures in the event that Britain decided to close the Russian trade show in London. The emergence of this opportunity was first reported by The Daily Telegraph.
Sergey Lavrov reiterated his government’s view that Russia has no connection with the poisoning of Sergei Skripal’s British-Russian double agent and daughter in England. He emphasized that Moscow was more interested in finding justice than anyone else.
According to the leader of Russian diplomacy, Britain and the United States and some other “blind country” completely abandoned the pardon, and resorted to open lies and open disinformation “against Russia, which, in response to this, expects the allegations to be filed with facts below.
The leader of Russian diplomacy expressed his conviction that, unlike in Moscow, the British secret service and the British government were interested in exploding the Scripal case. At the same time, he again called it outrageous that the British party did not provide Russia with consular access to the Russian nationality Julija Skripal.
The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also sent a letter of 13 letters to the Technical Secretariat of the Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW) on the weekend to try to find out what information and data the British provided to the organization in connection with the Scripal case, and whether OPCW is willing to share them with Russia. Moscow is also interested in London’s kind of help from the organization and what exactly is it to be called for confirmation: whether it is a paralyzing nervousness or whether it belongs to the “novices” of the Western definition.
The Russian side would also like to know what OPCW’s delegation of experts in the United Kingdom turned to in Britain and how long the delegation worked there and with whom it had been in contact. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expects how the selection of samples will be analyzed in which certified laboratories will be analyzed and whether the chain of custody as a fundamental chain of custody for OPCW has been respected in the course of the procedure.
Moscow wants to know whether the OPCW Technical Secretariat has given its consent to Britain investigating the test materials before other EU countries and whether it has been notified that France will provide technical assistance to London at British request. Moscow also asked whether Paris had handed over the results of its own investigation to OPCW, and that the organization would be able to supply French material to Russia.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said last Thursday that Moscow initiated an extraordinary meeting of the OPCW Executive Council and was scheduled for Wednesday.
Sergei Skripal, a British-Russian double agent and daughter living in Britain, Julia Szkripal, who came to Russia from her Russia, was taken to hospital in Salisbury, England on March 4, with serious poisoning symptoms. Script was the agent of the British Foreign Intelligence (MI6) as the colonel of the Russian military intelligence, which was condemned in his home country but was released under an agency exchange. London was suspected of assassinating the Russians, which Moscow refused. Following the accusations and disputes, the two sides rejected mutual diplomats, and similar reciprocal measures were subsequently taken between a number of EU and NATO countries and other countries and Russia. Moscow has offered to cooperate in investigating the case, but demands concrete evidence.

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