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Scripal case – Moscow: it is not possible to determine where the drug is made Big World United Kingdom 

Scripal case – Moscow: it is not possible to determine where the drug is made

It is not possible to clearly identify the country in which the drug used by Sergei Szkripal was poisoned by a Russian-British double agent and daughter, said Russia’s Minister of Industry and Trade Georgij Kalamanov at a statement by the Interfax Russian news agency on Thursday.

“There can not be any single marker that would clearly indicate which country was used to produce the Scripture,” said Kalamanov.
The deputy minister responded to the report of the Chemical Weapons Organization (OPCW), confirming London’s earlier statement that Scribbl and his daughter were attempting to kill Novices class-grenadier nerve poison.

Kalamanov said Moscow urged international scrutiny, in line with the report of the Third Review Meeting of the OPCW Implementation Council and the Conference of States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rjabkov told TASZSZ news agency that Russia also received the OPCW report, but only after thorough scrutiny. He stressed that the truth about the Scriptural case can only be established by an independent expert committee, with Russia directly involved in it. He reminded him that Moscow proposed the establishment of such a body to the OPCW Executive Board. He reiterated that the Russian party did not trust Britain in investigating the Scripal case.

Deputy Foreign Minister says the EU “sacrificing the truth on the altar of geopolitical interests” when it comes to setting up an independent committee. Rjabkov recalled that Russia did not receive a satisfactory answer to the 13 questions to the OPCW concerning the investigation of the Scripal case. Among other things, Moscow tried to find out how the OPCW’s delegation of experts in the UK turned to, how long the delegation worked there and with whom it contacted what information and data it received. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also expects how the selection of samples has been analyzed in which certified laboratories and whether the chain of custody (chain of custody) used in OPCW has been respected in the course of the procedure.

Russian Foreign Minister Marija Zaharova said on Thursday that Moscow had every reason to accuse the British government of “deliberately disinformation, propaganda, manipulation of public opinion” and “provocation” in the Scripal case. She warned that Scripture and her daughter were “no one seen” more than a month after their poisoning, even on fresh photographs, and neither the press nor the Russian Foreign Ministry could contact them.
Zaharova did not rule out the possibility that the British authorities will forcibly isolate their Russian-born father and daughter (Sergei Skripal has British citizenship) and force them to participate in a “play.” According to his words, “there is more and more questions that are not answered at all” and the leaks in the press are “conscious” and “targeted”. Zaharova thinks that in the Scripal case, he has tried “a new strategy for information war”.

Sergei Skripal, a Russian-British double agent and daughter living in Britain, Julia Szkripalt, who was arrested from Russia on March 4, was taken to a hospital in Salisbury, England, with severe poisoning symptoms on March 4. Script was the agent of the MI6 as the colonel of the Russian military intelligence, for which he was sentenced to jail in his home country but was released under an agent exchange. London, with the assassination, has suspected Russia that Moscow has refused. As a result, 29 countries have refused Russian diplomats, and Moscow responded in the same way.

Source: MTI Photo: PestiSrácok

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