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Scripting Case – NYT: Script was active before poisoning and could collaborate with the Spanish secret service Big World United Kingdom 

Scripting Case – NYT: Script was active before poisoning and could collaborate with the Spanish secret service

The Russian-UK double agent poisoned in England in March, Sergei Szkripal was an active intelligence officer before the assassination attempt, probably co-operating with the Spanish secret service – writes The New York Times on Friday.

The US daily quoted Spanish officials as unnamed and Fernando Rueda, a Spanish journalist, claiming that Scripal did not live a retired life but helped the Spanish authorities in mapping Russian criminal groups in Spain. According to The New York Times, some of these criminals were also linked to the Russian government.
In addition, from 2012, Scripal has regularly informed the Czech Republic and Estonia about the intelligence of the Czech Republic and Estonia, with the agreement of British Foreign Intelligence (MI6), and probably due to the fact that Russian spies have been expelled from these two countries.
The New York Times takes a parallel with the case of the Russian agent Alexyandr Litvinyenko who was poisoned with radioactive isotope in London in 2006. Litvinyenko was killed by a polonium 210 and the Spanish authorities acknowledged that they also participated in the fight against Russian organized crime in Spain as an intelligence official.
There was no unknown terrain for Scripta Spain – the US newspaper notes, recalling that he worked as a military attaché of Russian military intelligence from the mid-1990s in the Spanish capital, was a military attaché to the Russian embassy in Madrid. There he was organized by British intelligence. He was then arrested in Russia in 2004 and went on to visit the United States in 2010, and then settled in the UK in that year.
In recent years, Scripal has returned to Spain and has met with officials of the Spanish Intelligence Service (CNI) several times – writes The New York Times. He adds that there is no information on the date of the meetings and the messages there, which are encrypted. He refers to Fernando Rueda, a Spanish journalist, who says Scripal has regularly traveled to Spain.
Sergei Szkripalt and his daughter, Julia Scriztal, were poisoned in March with Novices-type neurons in Salisbury, England.
Britain is accusing Russia of attempted murder, and on Wednesday announced it is indicting two Russian nationals. The British investigating authorities have released surveillance cameras recording evidence that the two Russian men – according to military intelligence – appeared at the crime scene before returning to Moscow.
On Thursday, France, Germany and the United States also expressed their “full confidence” for the British position. UN Secretary-General Karen Pierce in the United Nations Security Council (BT) even suggested that additional sanctions should be imposed against Russia.
Moscow has firmly refuted all that he had to do with the poisoning of Scripture.
The New York Times suggests that Sergei Skripal and his poisoning poetry could have been the revenge of his colleagues. The paper notes, however, that because of the newly disclosed information, there is no jumble about the real reasons for the murder attempt. Was it revenge, or “symbolic attack,” which was intended to be a warning to other Russian intelligence agents or did Scripture upset its former colleagues? “Your New York Times wrote.

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