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Scripal case – Russian foreign affairs spokesman: London does not issue suspect fingerprints Big World United Kingdom 

Scripal case – Russian foreign affairs spokesman: London does not issue suspect fingerprints

British Ambassador Laurie Bristow of Moscow to the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday announced that London would not issue fingerprints of two suspects in the Scripal case, said Marija Zaharova, Russia’s Foreign Affairs spokeswoman for the TASZSZ news agency on Wednesday.

“Russia’s Foreign Ministry has asked the British ambassador in Moscow to provide fingerprints for those two men who were named in London as a suspect in the Salisbury affair and linked to Russia.” The British ambassador stated that the British party did not provide these materials, “he said .
Zaharova told Echo Moscow Radio that the British party refused to respond to the Russian Embassy in London asking for information on the suspects. According to his words, Moscow could only name the names and photos of suspects, not passport and visa numbers, and did not receive any additional information.
The spokesman said earlier that Moscow did not say anything about the names of two suspects named by Russian Prime Minister Theresa May, Russian military intelligence, Alexsandr Petrov and Ruszlan Bosirov.
Russian Interfax quoted the report by the Bloomberg US news agency, quoting a spokesman for the British prime minister, saying that May was “not interested in” the possibility of talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Sergei Skripal A British-UK double agent living in Britain and his daughter got severe poisoning in Salisbury, England on March 4. London was suspected of assassinating Russian leadership, which Moscow refused. Following the accusations and reprisals, the two countries mutually expelled 23 diplomats.
Similar mutual retaliations have taken place between Russia and other states allied with the United Kingdom and its solidarity.
On June 30, near Salisbury, Amesbury, she was unconsciously found at a 44-year-old British woman and a 45-year-old man. Scotland Yard reported that they were poisoned with Novics-like military neurotoxin agents as the first two victims. Scorpions left the hospital after lengthy treatment, but one of the victims of Amesbury’s poisoning, Dawn Sturgess, died on July 9.

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