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Scripal case – According to her suspect, the former double agent probably died United Kingdom 

Scripal case – According to her suspect, the former double agent probably died

The Russian-British double agent Sergei Scribbled in Salisbury, England, by his relatives, is no longer alive or the situation can be very serious for him, according to the former intelligence officer Viktoria Szkripal, the RIA Novosti news agency.

The unkind said that Sergey Szkripal’s daughter, Julia, last had contact with her relatives on the phone on her grandmother’s birthday in late July. He said that his father was building up but could not talk because his neck had tracheostomy – a surgically formed opening – through which cannons were used to lead the trachea to provide airways.
Julija Scripal claimed that her father would be able to call in three days, because the tube would be removed. Relatives in the United Kingdom have not been reported since.
Viktoria Szcripal was furious that Sergei Szrzpal was not visited by his relatives at the hospital, such as Alexei Litvinyenko, former Lieutenant Colonel of the Russian Federal Security Service (FBB), who was also poisoned in Britain in 2006, according to the British authorities. He also called attention to the fact that Scripture did not appear in the press of hospital recordings, as was the case with Litvinyenko.
Sergei Skripal A British-UK double agent living in Britain and his daughter got severe poisoning in Salisbury, England on March 4. London was suspected of assassinating Russian leadership, which Moscow refused. Following the accusations and reprisals, the two countries mutually expelled 23 diplomats. Similar mutual retaliations have taken place between Russia and other states allied with the United Kingdom and its solidarity.
Sergei Scripalt was released from the hospital in mid-May. Julija Scripta, who left mid-April, announced in a video message on May 23 that he would return to Russia.
The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has repeatedly complained that the British authorities did not provide consular access to Scripture.

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