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Slovak domestic political crisis – Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Bratislava        Big World 

Slovak domestic political crisis – Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Bratislava     

According to local estimates, a mass of tens of thousands of people gathered in the Slovakian National Uprising (SNP) in Bratislava on Friday late afternoon in the framework of the demonstration that was promulgated as a password for “Let’s Stand for Fair Slovakia”.

The demonstration can be considered as a continuation of the thousands of “mourning” proclaimed to the murdered journalist last year, even as a politically untroubled remembrance, but unlike the organizers of the recent moves, the government has already explicitly indicated the departure of the government.
The participants of the demonstration at five in the afternoon, nearly half an hour after the start of the event, almost filled the SNP space, the biggest mass event of the 1989 change of regime. Although no formal estimate of the number of participants has been published so far, it can be assumed that the largest public participation in Bratislava since 1989 has been since 1989.
Some of the demonstrators were “Enough from Fico” and raised banners of similar anti-government passwords. Many of them wore a badge with allforJan wigs, as a reference to the murdered journalist Ján Kuciak. The demonstrators spoke mostly of the murder of journalists, their alleged connections, the departure of Robert Fico’s government, and the importance of keeping peaceful demonstration.
The organizers announced the end of the demonstration around six o’clock, after which the crowd dispersed.
After the demonstration in the SNP, a demonstration group of almost two hundred students of almost full-time students appeared at the Government Palace in Bratislava and at Szabadság Square in front of the building. Young people – many of whom could see alcoholic beverages – Robert Ficó and his government released banners for firing the cabinet. The demonstrators – scandalously screaming at print-inkless terms – demanded the government’s departure and the imprisonment of its members.
On Friday, similar, but significantly smaller, moves were held in several other cities in Slovakia. A few hundred or a thousand or two were involved.
Prime Minister Robert Fico repeated this week several times that “after the murder of journalists” was part of a attempt to destabilize the state, whose “script was not written in Slovakia”. The head of government discussed the tense domestic political situation on Friday with the other two major public dignitaries with Andrej Kiska, head of state and Andrej Danko, homeowner, although no joint declaration was signed against the plans at the conciliation, all of them spoke up to maintain “social serenity”.

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