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Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Slovakia: A regrettable step is the termination of the atomic bomb European Union United States Of America 

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of Slovakia: A regrettable step is the termination of the atomic bomb

Slovakia, along with the European Union, also regrets that the United States has withdrawn from the multi-party treaty on the restriction of the Iranian nuclear program, said State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Ivan Korcok in Pozsony, the government’s Wednesday session. Korcok’s statement was quoted by the Slovak public service agency TASR.

The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs declared the Washington decision to be extraordinary, pointing out that with its US sanctions against Iran, there will be significant consequences for the effectiveness of the agreement with Iran. Korcok added that the EU and Slovakia are calling for countries to join the treaty to continue to comply with the agreement.

“In our view, the agreement has been effective so far, as several on-site inspections of the International Atomic Energy Agency have confirmed that Iran will comply with it,” said Ivan Korcok.

In the summer of 2015, after several years of negotiations, Iran agreed with the United States, Great Britain and France, China and Russia, Germany and the European Union to limit its nuclear program for at least ten years in return for a phase-out of most of the sanctions against it. Barack Obama considered the deal as one of the biggest foreign policy successes of the then US president, but Donald Trump’s current president has been strongly opposed to him during the election campaign and ultimately announced a year and a half ago on 8 May 2018 that the US exited contract.

Trump decree has restored Iran’s punitive measures. The US president argued that the agreement should have defended the United States and its allies, but instead allowed Iran to continue enriching uranium. According to Trump, the United States will not be able to prevent Iran from producing nuclear bombs and, if the treaty remains in force, it would lead to an arms race in the Middle East. The other signatories are defective, but Israel considers Trump’s decision to be correct. Iran has announced that it is currently in the Convention and is ready to continue working with the other signatories.

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