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He left one of the most prestigious veterans of the British Workers’ Party for anti-Semitism within the party United Kingdom 

He left one of the most prestigious veterans of the British Workers’ Party for anti-Semitism within the party

On Thursday, he left the Labor Party’s lower house faction, one of the most prestigious veterans of the biggest British opposition force, Frank Field, with his anti-Semitism within the party.

The 76-year-old Field, who has been a Labor representative since 1979 at the London Chambers of Parliament’s Legislature, said that the current leadership of the Workers’ Party has become one of the driving force behind British political anti-Semitism.
According to a representative of his career, Britain fought in the Second World War. In the wake of World War II, such views would disappear from British politics, but the overwhelming efforts of the war in the war and the achievements of the achieved success became “targets of huge and continuous internal attacks”, while the leadership of the Workers Party did not take any substantive steps to prevent the erosion of fundamental values.
According to Frank Field, Labor is “increasingly in the color of a racist party,” and the culture of intolerance and intimidation is spread in local party organizations.
Within the British Workers’ Party, the dispute over anti-Semitic phenomena has been under discussion for months, and the party has been subjected to serious criticism from outside.
The Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was last crossed in the middle of August, after he found out that he was present in Tunisia in a wreath in 2014, according to some sources, remembering the Palestinian leaders of the terrorist attacks on Israeli athletes killed in the 1972 Munich Olympics.
A few weeks ago, a Jedi cleric representative of the Workers’ Party, Luciana Berger, on Twitter, pointed out that Corbyn had sent a message in support of a rough London anti-Semitic wall paintingsman who criticized the removal of his work.
The 300,000-strong British Jews’ interest organizations sooneradays formulated a joint call for Corbyn to “consider Hezbollah Lebanese Shiite armed organization as a friend of the Jews against the Jews” and participate in the militia-sponsored London demonstrations.
“Even in the best case, this means that the extremist is hated by Zionism, Zionists and Israel, and in worst case it is a conspiratorial world view that believes Jewish communities as hostile and classlike,” he said.
In response to the criticisms, Jeremy Corbyn promised in the spring that the Workers’ Party will “settle a large majority” of anti-Semitic affairs within the party “by the end of July”, but the Labor Party has been subject to ongoing accusations, most recently by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

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