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Milos Forman is named in the center of Prague Movie Big World 

Milos Forman is named in the center of Prague

Milos Forman Square will be the square in front of the Intercontinental hotel in Prague’s Old Town. The city council, which has so far been called only the Place, is not too large.

The Czech-born Oscar-winning American film director died at the age of 86 on 13 April, and the city of Prague wants to pay tribute to his memory.
Forman was born in the small town of Cáslav, east of Prague, but his life and creations are mostly the capital. At the beginning of the sixties he completed the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (FAMU) and his first full-length feature film, Peter Fekete, is also in the Metropolis of the Moldavian Party.
“We were elected a honorary citizen of the city a year ago, although unfortunately he was unable to take the title personally, so I am very pleased to be able to thank you for your memories so much that he has done a lot for Prague and the Czech Republic. it is an important square to bear his name, “said Adriana Krnácová, the mayor of the city.
Milos Forman, who left Czechoslovakia to the United States after the violent breakup of the 1968 reform process in Prague, mostly filmed in Prague his 1984 film Amadeus, which received eight Oscars.
The world famous filmmaker has married three times. His two sons from his first marriage, Petr and Matej twins, deal with theater and live in Prague.

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