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Terrorism has blocked the USSR in Saratov, Russia         Big World 

Terrorism has blocked the USSR in Saratov, Russia      

The Russian Federal Security Service (SBS) has blocked an assassination planned by a terrorist cell in Saratov province, “the press service said in Moscow on Sunday.

According to the information provided by the USSR, a firefight emerged when, on Sunday, Saratov, the staff of the services attempted to arrest a car. Those in the car, whose number and nationality were not named in the communique, lost their lives.
In the vehicle, TT and PM-type marocchines, as well as a homemade hand grenade and a “bomb” were found. The latter’s explosive power corresponded to about 3 kilograms of trotilen.
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has initiated criminal prosecution and is pursuing operational investigative work.

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