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Kiev blasts have been classified as terrorist acts, number of deadly victims of the assassination       World 

Kiev blasts have been classified as terrorist acts, number of deadly victims of the assassination    

The Ukrainian authorities declared a terrorist act committed in Kiev on Wednesday night bombing, which injured an opposition member of parliament, his bodyguard and a police officer was killed.

The police officer lived nearby and accidentally became the victim of the blast. The bodyguard had been serving her for a month.
Ihor Moszijcsuk, Member of Parliament for the opposition Radical Party came out of the espresso Ukrainian TV channels from local studio to the streets day 22 hour 15 minute period, and then an explosion. According to the investigating authorities, an explosive device mounted on a motorcycle attached to a passenger car came into operation. Eyewitnesses said that two people arrived on the engine in front of the TV, parked the vehicle, and walked on foot.
The deputy was deployed on Thursday in one of Kiev’s hospitals, where a number of fractures were removed from his body with a four-hour operation. She is currently in the intensive care unit and her condition has been classified as moderately severe by doctors. Police guarded around the hospital building.
Vitalij Bala, injured in the assassination, is a well-known Ukrainian political scientist. His lungs and liver were a value of fever, and he was also involved.
Moszijcsuk, who has repeatedly criticized Russia’s anti-Ukraine policy, after his surgery, expressed his conviction that Moscow was behind the assassination, and that the terrorist acts were carried out by locals, that is, by people living in the country. The Ukrainian authorities are also of the opinion that the target of the assassination was a representative who was wanted to kill him for his public activity. Ivan Varchenko, an interior consultant on 112 Ukraine’s news program, also said that Moscow was behind the assassination. According to his words, Russian leader Chechen leader Ramzan Kadirov threatened to kill Moszichuk in 2014.
Dmitry Peszkov, the press secretary of the Russian president, however, denied and found it unfounded that Kadirov was behind the assassination.
More recent assassinations have been made in Ukraine lately, and by doing so, Kiev has been linked to Moscow several times. Last July, Pavel Seremet, a Russian citizen journalist in Kiev, performed a glittering day at the center of the Ukrainian capital. Voronyenkovot Denis, representative of the Russian State Duma was shot on March 23 in downtown Kiev, Premier Palace Hotel in front of the names off the attacker in broad daylight. On 27 June, he also carried a car bomb in Kiev with Makszim Sapovala, a colonel of military intelligence falling under the Ukrainian defense ministry, who coordinated military reconnaissance in the breakaway areas in the armed conflict in the Donyec basin. One day later, in the area of the eastern Ukrainian fighting, he lost his life as a servant, Yuriy Vrozy, the colonel of the Ukrainian Security Service (SZBU), with an explosive device that was mounted in his car. On 8 September, a Georgian citizen, ethnic Chechen man, Tyimur Mahauri lost their lives in Kiev after bomb hidden in his car exploded. The man allegedly fought on a Ukrainian side as a volunteer in the Donyec basin conflict.

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