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The bells for terrorists in Madrid spoke for five minutes        Big World 

The bells for terrorists in Madrid spoke for five minutes     

The bells in Madrid’s 2004 terrorist attacks in memory of all the villages of the Autonomous Community of Madrid have been ringing for five minutes on the anniversary of the assassinations, which is also the European Day of Victims of Terrorism.

The commemoration began at the Puerta del Sol, the main square of the Spanish capital, where, in a short speech without speeches, Cristina Cifuentes, Madrid’s conservative regional president, and Manuela Carmena, the mayor of Madrid, jointly wreathed a wreath on the wall of the former royal post building to commemorate the tragedy bronzplakettnél.
Cristina Cifuentes declared the jihadi terrorism as a common enemy and declared the value of unity as a common enemy against barbarism.
In a message from Manuela Carmena on her Twitter page, she wrote: The best way to remember is to move on to the goal of eradicating violence.
During the day, representatives of the Spanish government and parliamentary parties attended a ceremony organized by the Alliance of Terrorism Victims (AVT) in the garden of the “Memorial Forest” of the Retiro Park in Madrid, where cypresses and olive trees were planted in memory of the victims.
On 11 March 2004, 11 bombs exploded at four different points in the Spanish city and, in addition to extinction, 193 people wounded more than 1800 people. The attacks were carried out by the al-Qaida international terror network.
The date of the attack is a watershed in the country’s history, since then, security forces devote special attention to international terrorism. In the past 14 years, 832 people have been arrested in 271 actions for having maintained or cooperated with a terrorist organization.

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