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Terrorism – MI5 boss: the danger of terror is becoming more and more difficult to detect       Big World United Kingdom 

Terrorism – MI5 boss: the danger of terror is becoming more and more difficult to detect    

Britain is faced with a “multidimensional”, fast-moving, and more difficult-to-detect terrorist threat – the head of British Troopers (MI5) said on Tuesday.

Andrew Parker held a background conversation in London with the British press, and then gave more interviews to the largest British television companies.
BBC and Sky News cited in Tuesday’s statements without commenting on the fact that British security services are currently carrying out more than five hundred active anti-counterfeiting operations, involving approximately three thousand people in some extreme activity take part.
According to Parker, more than eighty people have traveled from Great Britain to Syria or Iraq to join an armed group in recent years. “A part of them” for many reasons “for a number of reasons gave up fighting and returned home”; they are also included in the list of three thousand people who are continuously monitored in the context of remedial and individual risk analysis operations.
It is difficult to assess how many of the eighty British members of the Syrian and Iraqi armed groups have fought in battle, but the UK rebate estimates that their number can exceed 130, “said MI5 CEO.
He added that those who are still in Syria or Iraq are likely to no longer try to go back because they know that they will be prosecuted in Britain.
Parker says security services can only work from “information fragments” and try to put together a picture of what “is going on”. As a result of this work, twenty of the last four years have been blocked in the last seven months by seven British terrorist attacks. Each fake attack plan was linked to Islamic extremism – added Andrew Parker.
Since March five terrorist acts have been committed in Britain, these attacks have altogether 35 deaths. The most serious assassination was in May at a Manchester pop concert site where a suicide bombing bomb exploded, killing 22 people, including seven children.
The leader of the MI5 said that in counter-terrorism it is not possible to achieve a perfect 100 percent efficiency, not even because a few days have passed since the attack came from planning to planning to the assassination.
Andrew Parker has for the first time revealed that a joint anti-terrorist operation center operates in Holland, coordinating the cooperation and exchange of information between the security services of thirty European countries. The MI5 CEO said that as a result of the operation of the center, there are “dozens more” behind a terrorist who could not otherwise have been caught and prevented by the terrorist attacks they planned.
In the background discussion of Tuesday, Parker met with the four thousand fighters and agents working on the MI5, who said that they would take the risk of their lives and disguise the security of the country.

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