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Thailand rescue action – Bats spread to infectious diseases due to quarantine Interesting Facts United States Of America 

Thailand rescue action – Bats spread to infectious diseases due to quarantine

Bats spread to hospital for necessary infectious diseases and to quarantine for a while the boys rescued from the Tham Luang cave system in Thailand – the LiveScience scientific portal followed.

Thirteen boys were rescued from the cave in Thailand from Tuesday until noon. Before they can go home, they are taken to a hospital where doctors have to make sure they have not received infectious diseases until they are underground.
The caves are the “Petri dishes” of bacteria and viruses, “said Amesh Adalja, a researcher at the Johns Hopkins Health Center in Baltimore.
“Most of the worries are given by bats in the cave, which convey many infectious diseases, including rabies, not only the animals themselves, but also their feces, which can be found in caves,” he explained.
It does not know if there were bats where 12 boys and coaches were staying, though most caves live smaller or larger colonies. However, if doctors suspect that they are in contact with the birds’ mammals, they are likely to be vaccinated to prevent rabies from developing.
“There are also mushrooms that can be used to grow in bat fry. Spore inhalation may cause fungal pneumonia, resulting in histoplasmosis,” he added.
It may be that symptoms of fungal infection do not occur in the hospital, only in the later life of the children. “There are times when the disease lasts for months, years, and does not get sick unless your immune system problems arise,” Adalja said.
Concerns can also be caused by bacterial infection called leptospirosis, which can cause lung bleeding and meningitis.
According to the researcher, however, less exotic problems may arise: gastrointestinal problems may be due to cave hygiene conditions, and skin injuries can also be injured.
The members of the youth football team, with their coach, disappeared on June 23rd in a cave system north of Bangkok, a thousand kilometers north. They found them alive in adventures and their resignation began on Sunday.

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