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Theresa May, with foreign business leaders, including Wizz Air’s CEO       Brexit 

Theresa May, with foreign business leaders, including Wizz Air’s CEO    

The leaders of foreign businesses actively participating in the British economy, including József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air, announced on Thursday in Downing Street Prime Minister Theresa May on the relationship of the government with the European Union after the end of British membership.

According to the London Prime Minister’s Office, Thursday’s spokeswoman, Ian Robertson, chairman of the British branch of the Bosch Chemical Industry Group, Steffen Hoffmann, the head of the Wizz Air subsidiary, José María Álvarez-Pallete López, of Spain’s Telefónica telecommunications conglomerate, BMW’s board member, Soren Skou, the world’s largest freight forwarding and logistics group, AP Chief Executive Officer of Moller Maersk and several other international companies.
According to Downing Street report, Theresa May assured participants in the meeting that Britain would like to maintain high standard regulatory standards after Brexit and to develop arrangements that support businesses in both the European Union and the UK economy.
The British Prime Minister confirmed that London and the EU are committed to reaching an agreement on the conditions of the transitional period envisaged after the end of the EU membership at the EU summit this month.
The British Conservative Party wishes to agree on the transitional period after the Brex with the EU because, in its view, the UK, the European Union and EU Member States will not be in the upcoming March termination of British EU membership in a position to seamlessly introduce many elements of the conditions of the new relationships.
During the transitional period, London intends Britain and the European Union to access each other’s markets under the current rules.
Theresa May has recently held several similar meetings with leaders of international large corporations in the UK economy, and has recently received leaders of Japanese giant companies in Britain on Downing Street. This meeting was attended by representatives of the Nomura, Marubeni, Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Panasonic British divisions, and Curuoka Kodzsi, Japan’s ambassador to London, was also present.
The diplomat said in a press conference after the meeting that if foreign companies from Britain were not ‘profitable’ because of the consequences of Brexit, then no foreign private company could maintain its operation in the British economy. The ambassador added that this applies not only to Japanese companies.

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