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Theresa May: the ball is in the space of the EU member states      Brexit 

Theresa May: the ball is in the space of the EU member states   

According to British Prime Minister Theresa May, the proposals that have been put forward by London so far in the negotiations on the conditions for expiry of the EU membership are now “left in the field” by the member states remaining in the European Union and the British government has a positive response.

May in the afternoon of Monday, at the same time as the new round of negotiations, he briefly informs the House of Representatives in London about his last Florentine speech in which he outlined the aims of his government for Brex, the British postponement, and reports of progress in the EU negotiations since the speech.
The head of government in the House of Commons, where Downing Street has published some preliminary details on Monday morning, explains: “London’s goal and offer” is to create a new, intricate and special relationship between the sovereign United Kingdom and the strong, successful European Union.
According to Theresa May, this partnership relationship will require leadership skills and flexibility, but not only from the UK but also from the 27 remaining EU Member States.
Before the next stage of the negotiations, the British Prime Minister, in his parliamentary briefing, says “the ball in their space”, adding that he is optimistic about the chance that London will receive a favorable response from EU partner countries.
According to Theresa May, although progress will not always be smooth in exit talks, but with a constructive attitude, friendship, and spirit of cooperation, “we can firmly look to the future to show that the poisonous birds do not have the right.”
With his speech in Florence on September 22, he did not secretly attempt to give fresh impetus to the negotiations on the conditions for Brexit in Brussels, with the hope that in October it would be possible to begin the second phase of the negotiation process on the future relations between Great Britain and the European Union, .
The EU is, however, bound to make substantial progress in the negotiation phase on the conditions for British exit, including the settlement of British financial obligations and the guarantee of the rights of foreign EU citizens living in Britain.
The EU officials on the progress of exit negotiations have given rather pessimistic assessments in their recent statements.
Donald Tusk, President of the European Council of Heads of State and Government of the EU Member States, who recently discussed with the British Prime Minister in London, said after the meeting: insufficient progress has been made in the Brexit negotiations so far to enable the United Kingdom and Future negotiation phase of the future European Union relationship.
Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission at the Minute Informal EU Summit in Tallinn, said in a UK press report that “a miracle should happen” to begin the next phase of negotiations this month.

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