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Theresa May: It is time for Brussels to take our proposals seriously Brexit 

Theresa May: It is time for Brussels to take our proposals seriously

According to Theresa May, it is time for the European Commission to take seriously the London proposals on the conditions for post-cessation of British membership of the European Union.

The British Conservative Prime Minister, The Sunday Times British newspaper The Sunday Times, said: “London sees that the committee is very keen to persevere in its own rigid position, from the viewpoints of its own interest to the Brexit process.
May made a rather cumbersome reference to agreeing with the leading leaders of EU Member States, even by circumventing the European Commission. He said he had fruitful talks with others, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and generally had the impression that European leaders were beginning to consider the interests of their own economy, their own people and the future of Europe as a whole.
He added that, in his view, he has the ability to constructiveness in the EU countries, to recognize that “the clock ticks,” and now you really have to start negotiating.
The Prime Minister said on the latest UK package of proposals for the European Commission: a motion meant that Britain withdrew from the EU following a two-year referendum on EU membership but in the meantime protected large- British workplaces.
Theresa May and her cabinet have been discussing the type of trade relations with Britain since the end of British membership of the EU on Friday throughout the day in Chequers, the British prime ministers from London, 65 kilometers northwest of London.
A three-page announcement from the cabinet Friday suggests London is proposing the creation of a common free trade area for the EU to regulate the circulation of physical goods, ensuring “frictionless” trade between Britain and the EU even after Brexit.
According to the British Government’s suggestion, London and the EU will maintain a common set of rules for the bilateral trade of all goods.
On the basis of the proposal, Britain and the EU will gradually develop a customs control system that would not require customs control in bilateral trade, as if Britain and the European Union were to create a “combined customs”.
The British government will present its proposals in a so-called White Paper next week.
The new package of proposals adopted at the Chequered Cabinet suggests a much closer relationship with the European Union than would have been the case with the hard-core Brexit camp in the Conservative Party of the Government and the Governor of the Conservative Party.
Theresa May, following the government session, declared to the BBC that a cabinet proposal was adopted by a collective decision but Sunday’s British press reports said the conservative faction was breached by the Brexit camp, and a letter was allegedly spread within the faction to support the launch of the changeover process encourages the Members.
According to the Conservative Party Rulebook, however, this requires the accession of at least 15% of the lower House Group. This means that at least 48 representatives should sign for such an initiative; According to The Sunday Times, for the time being, “about ten” have indicated their willingness to support a possible lead-shift motion.
If the minimum amount of support is available, the motion of censure should be put on a full-fledged vote and, based on current support numbers, it seems unlikely that the majority of the lower house party party would vote for the removal of Theresa May from the party’s edge and thus from the post of head of government.

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