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Theresa May: London continues to support the two-state solution and opposes Israel’s settlement policy      United Kingdom 

Theresa May: London continues to support the two-state solution and opposes Israel’s settlement policy   

The British government, unchanged, considers the establishment of a two-state system as the best way to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a lasting and peaceful manner and is seriously concerned about Israeli settlements, “said Theresa May, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister Theresa May.

Netanyahu visited London on the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.
The 67-year-old Declaration of the then British Foreign Minister, Arthur Balfour, and his 67-word declaration, was issued on October 31, 1917 and officially sent to Lord Rothschild, one of the most respected and influential leaders of the British Zionist movement on November 2,
In the statement, Balfour expressed that the British government supports Jewish efforts to establish a Jewish national home in Palestine.
According to Downing Street on Thursday evening, Theresa May, who received the Netanyahu from the London government headquarters, told the Israeli Prime Minister that Britain was honored with pride and respect for the centenary of the Balfour Declaration and was proud of the role played by Israel in its creation.
The British head of government added, however, that London is still a believer in the two-state settlement, that is to say, to establish a viable and sovereign Palestinian state next to Israel’s threat to terrorism.
Theresa May also told Netanyahu that the British government was deeply concerned about the problem of illegal Israeli colonies.
May also said that London strongly supported the multi-party agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, because – along with its main European partners, France and Germany – argues that the Convention is critical to security in the region.
After the meeting, Netanyahu declared that one hundred years after the Balfour Declaration, “Palestinians should finally accept the existence of the Jewish national home and the Jewish state.” According to the Israeli Prime Minister, if they do so, the “immeasurably closer” means reconciliation.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, however, stated in his article on the leftist British newspaper The Guardian on Thursday that the day Israel celebrated its statehood was the darkest day for Palestinians.
According to Abbas, currently six million Palestinians live in exile, and the 1.75 million who could stay in their homes would suffer from institutionalized discrimination in today’s Israel.
On Wednesday night, the British government organized a banquet dinner with Netanyahu on the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration. The event also caused a domestic dispute in London, Jeremy Corbyn, the biggest British opposition force, the leader of the Labor Party did not accept the invitation. Corbyn has long been among the strongest critics of Israeli politics against Palestinians among the British political actors.

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